The ASX 1st XI: The top order

The summer of cricket has finally arrived, and here at Blue Lake Invest we are pretty excited about it. But the real excitement is still to come with the inaugural Blue Lake Invests very first ASX XI, where we pick 11 stocks to mirror the Australian team. In the four part series we will build our top order, middle order and bowling attack right from the ASX market. Like all great first XI sides there will be some honourable mentions in the special 12th men edition.

Today we start by taking a look at the top order. Growing up we idolised the greatest opening partnership in cricket, Justin Langer and Mathew Hayden, but now we get to celebrate the new partnership of Dave Warner and Joe Burns. Australia has a proud history of inspirational, and freakishly talented leaders, and today we name the captain of the ASX 1st XI.

David Warner: Bellamy’s (ASX:BAL)

Dave Warner made his start in the short form of the game. Smashing runs quicker than the game has seen before Warner has become a fan favourite in the cricket community (unless you are Joe Root). Renowned for the quick starts and the rapid fire run scoring Bellamy’s has featured regularly on Blue Lake Invest. Like Dave Warner’s international debut, Bellamy’s got off to a roaring start trading on the ASX market, gaining 37% in the first two days listed. What’s followed has been a volatile yet spectacular run which has seen the group gain over 700% from the issue price.

Investor ‘experts’ have questioned the potentially inflated price of Unfortunately, we could not get stock quote ASX: BAL this time. since the first week of its trade when it was $1.37, and they won’t stop now. While it doesn’t appear that anything can stop Bellamy’s now, although another ASX company in Blackmore’s is entering the race for the Chinese baby formula market. In what could very well become the Joe Root style nemesis I can’t help but expect BAL to give a right arm hook into BKL before continuing the meteoric rise.

Joe Burns: A2 Milk (ASX:A2M)

Described as a versatile top order batsman Burns has excelled in just his third international test match. Very much finding rhythm with the explosive Warner we may be witnessing the start of another great opening batsmen partnership. Like Burns A2M have carved a name out before joining their peers at the top level on the ASX.

New to the scene Unfortunately, we could not get stock quote ASX: A2M this time. were relatively subdued when listed, however June 19th was their match at the Gabba. A2M received expressions of interest to be acquired, naturally surging the price of the stock 34% in the days that followed. While the expression of interest did not amount to an immediate offer no doubt investors are waiting for round two. Burns surprised Warner beating him to the century in the 2nd innings, it will be interesting to see if A2M can replicate that surprise factor on the ASX.

Usman Khawaja: Qantas (ASX:QAN)

Khawaja was born in Pakistan and immigrated to Australia at a young age. The first Muslim to represent Australia at the top level Khawaja struggled to make an impact in his test matches. But like Burns burst onto the scene against the Kiwis at the Gabba scoring 174 in the first innings. Khawaja made headlines when upholding personal values and requesting not to wear alcohol sponsoring in the ODIs, but is less known for his connection to the aviation industry.

While not flying the big passenger jets like QAN he does have an aviation licence, and now plays club cricket in the suburbs of Brisbane the flying kangaroo seems like a good fit. Like Khawaja Unfortunately, we could not get stock quote ASX: QAN this time. was seen to be on its last legs in 2013, grounding the fleet in a fierce battle with the unions QAN has since soared back to levels not seen since 2008. One good year, or innings won’t cement QANs place in the ASX 1st XI, but does get the punters excited for the summer of trading ahead.

Steve Smith: Blackmores (ASX:BKL) – Captain

Steve Smith has been around Australian cricket for a long time now. Having debuted as a blonde leg spinner way back in 2010, it wasn’t until recently he started having impact on the international stage. The story runs remarkably similar for the ASX golden child BKL which after 9 years showed potential by gaining 116%. But it was the last 12 months which has seen the group’s stock value increase by a massive 418%. Now if this was fantasy football where the captain scored double, you’d be doing cartwheels.

Steve Smith earlier this year reached the number one spot on the ICC batsmen rankings. While BKL is yet to become Australia’s biggest company the recent performance would put it in the top spot of a number of ASX investors. While mentioned above much of the recent spike in stock value has been attributed to the entry to the lucrative baby formula market, BKL has benefited from rumoured take overs similar to the $1.5Bn Swiss take over a few weeks back and solid sales in the vitamin market.

Unfortunately, we could not get stock quote ASX: BKL this time. has well and truly secured a spot in the Chinese market, and will feature prominently in investors’ portfolios for years to come.

That is a wrap for the top order of Blue Lake Invests ASX 1st XI. Any surprises? Let your thoughts be known in abusive emails, or polite tweets, we’d love to hear it. Next week we will name the middle order. Subscribe now to make sure you are among the first to know who will wear the gloves for the ASX 1st XI.