Throwback Thursday: ASX:VSC

Good Morning!

Back by popular demand is another edition of Throwback Thursday. For those new to Throwback Thursday here at Blue Lake Invest, we don’t dig up old embarrassing photos, rather pick out a previous stock tip which is setting the market alight.

Now it would be a little cheeky of me to do Bellamy’s (ASX:BAL) again given it has jumped another 12% since our last edition (or about 30% since we first wrote about it at Blue Lake Invest), so I have another pearler for you today.

Mid-September following the acquisition of Swiss by a Hong Kong based firm we went through the ASX listed vitamin players. This included Blackmores (although we’ve talked about them enough for the time being) and the subject of today’s throwback Vita Life Sciences (ASX:VSC).

When we wrote about it last the stock was sitting at $0.95, its now trading at $1.24, a sizable jump of 31% in the past two months. Better still this stock actually pays out dividends as well reporting a dividend yield of 2.82% after the FY15 results. So, to those who jumped on board back then, congratulations, otherwise, this is a stock to watch.

Until next time, happy trading!