ASX:NEU, there ain’t nothing it can’t do*

Hello BLUELAKEINVEST party people, I assume you all purchased NEU at the bargain basement prices of a few weeks ago and are now reading this from your yacht. I won’t harp on too much about how super successful the Trofinetide trial was (Mick covered that in detail already) but I will take a moment to create a funky chart and give your newly rich eyes something to feast on. Rest assured, excitement will return to normal levels by Friday this week and we will resume writing about cheese and other dairy delights.

Basically, ASX:NEU has been on a rampage from October onwards as good news started to become available regarding their Rett & Fragile X syndrome drug trials. Patents started getting granted, the FDA fast tracked it and since the trial results were released the value of the stock has soared 27%.

But I don’t think the party is over just yet. Play with the interactive chart below and see how the different ASX announcements have boosted prices (there has been so many I gave up typing notes and decided to let you go nuts on your own. You’re welcome.)

If we can score a 27% boost just from the trial results, imagine the pay day if Neuren gets acquired and/or starts selling the drug. Wow………….


*But realistically, even a BLUELAKEINVEST golden child like Neuren can tank. We obviously hope it won’t as both Cam and Mick purchased a fair chunk each. Not enough for a yacht, but we’re allowed to dream *sniffles*