A Robot That Lays Bricks

Howdy friends, how’s it hanging?

Brexit has come and gone, Trump is going to take it to Hillary in the November US election and everything seems to have calmed down for the time being. However, the CPI is still tanking, interest rates are likely to drop even further and you can bet that more nasty things will happen to some of the “safe” investments in your portfolio. We’ve been saying this for a long time, and nothing looks like changing soon. It still sucks to be an investor right now.

But, there are always shining rays of hope in any market and we’ve found an absolute ripper. I have given it away in the title of this article already, however you may have assumed it was deliberately designed to attract your attention. Just for the record, Blue Lake Invest would never engage in click-bait tactics. You can always get that from The Motley Fool (We never spam your email either, just saying). So here it is:

You can directly invest in a brick-laying truck robot via the ASX

Not a word in that preceding sentence is a lie. As they say, a picture is worth 1000 words. Fastbrick Robotics (ASX:FBR) have designed a fully automated brick-laying truck robot (named, obviously, the Hadrian X) and taken out all necessary patents to protect their tech globally. Truck robot below:

Make no mistake, this is the closest thing we have to a real life transformer. Can you imagine this truck rocking up in your street and laying down a house WITH NO ASSISTANCE? Just wow. Ok, maybe just a driver.

This is obviously a hugely speculative stock and I haven’t got any kind of background in brick-laying, robotics or trucks so please know that my understanding is very rough at best. That being said:

  • ASX:FBR trades at just over 2c (as of yesterday) and has completed a capital raise in the last few months to fund commercialisation and continued tech development.
  • The Hadrian X can lay bricks at a rate that flogs the shit out of even the most motivated human tradie, and requires no meat pies or cigarettes to function. Some say this may be a critical flaw.
  • Plans for houses or other brick structures can be loaded via modifications to pre-existing design software (which the company is also developing).
  • Hadrian X can lay bricks in worse conditions than a regular tradie due to use of a special adhesive (as opposed to mortar) and does not attract penalty rates for working in the cold/wet/hot etc.
  • The latest ASX 4C disclosure suggests the company is already fielding commercial enquiries.
  • Human brickies (sorry boys) are in short supply and seem to cost too damn much

That all being said, do yourself a favour and watch the time-lapse video. You might just be able to convince yourself that this is the future of brick-laying. I know I got sucked in and bought a packet of shares.

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*Assuming more truck robots are designed by other ASX listed companies [HIGHLY LIKELY]