One Year Of Blue Lake Invest

You read that correctly folks. While it might seem that Blue Lake Invest has been serving as the definitive benchmark of excellence in financial journalism for decades we’ve only just cracked our first 365 days. So what exactly have we done in that time?

  • Published over 90 top-rate articles and investing guides
  • Provided all content free to our hundreds of subscribers (with absolutely 0% spam)
  • Been visited by over 11,000 unique readers
  • Kept the site ad free and completely awesome
  • Provided some simply fantastic ASX research
  • Been consistently superior to The Motley Fool

You might also be wondering if our claim to fame (i.e. the free and useful ASX insight) was actually true or not. We’ve written about quite a few stocks, and not all of them have been winners. That being said, we’re pretty happy with how our blended personal portfolios have been tracking over the last 6 months. The below snapshot is a 6 month performance view of our favourite (and most heavily covered) ASX stocks, which is up a mind-blowing 57%. As we’ve said before, myself and Mick actually buy the stocks we write about, but we don’t balance the portfolio in the same way you see below. I hold quite a bit more ASX:RAP (Resapp Health) and Fastbrick Robotics (ASX:FBR) than you see reflected in the portfolio here, which actually skews the performance up to over +100% in the last 6 months alone (ASX:FBR is up over 350% in the past 3 weeks). So while it wouldn’t be fair to claim all the massive returns driven by every stock we’ve written about we’re quite happy with the results of our balanced portfolio. 57% beats the shit out of any online saving account, index fund or term deposit. However, you’ll note that we do love a good ETF here at The Lake and the Vanguard Australian Property Fund (ASX:VAP) did pull some weight in the blended portfolio.

stocks ytd

We hope you’ve enjoyed Blue Lake Invest to date, and we look forward to further building our reputation as the most enjoyable finance themed website to ever exist. Jump on our subscribers list and get all the good stuff first.