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The Blue Lake Invest Story

“Wank free, jargon less ASX analysis”


A simple mission born from our own frustration when researching the market, seeking the next exciting stock. Blue Lake Invest works hard to deliver ASX analysis that the average retail investor can understand, and have fun reading.

We want to share our personal investment pursuit with our readers. Much of the research developed in Australia, for Australian investors is only made available to members of exclusive hedge funds and mortgage brokers. These require minimum invests of millions of dollars, money that you and I don’t have.

That gives a distinct advantage to those who started ahead over the rest of us. In the past, the only way to compete with the born rich was to spend hours researching stocks and putting blind faith in the market. Blue Lake Invest wants to change this, by doing the hours of research, then sharing it with the average Australian investor.

Our analysis is general only. We don’t seek to give you advice on where or how to invest your hard earned money. Rather Blue Lake Invest exists to empower you to make informed decisions to get more return for your dollar.

Not clear yet? Check the FAQs below.


Meet the Team


Congratulations, you are one of the early adopters. You probably stumbled across us doing your own research in an attempt to get ahead. The truth is you are quite similar to the two people who created and run this site.

Blue Lake Invest today is a small operation, but we have strong ambition to grow into the future. We want to get to know you, and hear your feedback so we can constantly improve the site and content.

Profiles on Cam and Mick are coming soon.




Q: So, what does Blue Lake Invest actually do?

A: Mainly write awesome articles about ASX listed stocks, the Australian economy and alternative investments. But we do “how-to” guides from time to time as well.


Q: Why would I read Blue Lake Invest instead of The Australian Financial Review, or Business Day, or Australian Investor etc.?

A: Because they’re incredibly boring, and intended for people trying to look important on the train. If you are just starting out investing or you prefer to read articles that don’t melt your brain with endless jargon you should read Blue Lake Invest.


Q: How do Mick & Cam know anything about this stuff?

A: Mick has a degree in International Business and has spent 5 years working in market research and analytics for two of Australia’s largest logistics companies. He knows heaps about international trade and markets.

Cam has a degree in Economics and has spent 5 years as a corporate data analyst making pretty spreadsheets. Both have private investment portfolios and felt the need to share what they had learnt along the journey so far.


Q: Should I read Blue Lake Invest even if I haven’t actually started investing in anything?

A: Absolutely. Our aim is to provide content that is useful for everyone no matter what stage they’ve reached in their personal investment journey.


Q: Why do you make so many terrible puns?

A: Because finance can be pretty boring, and we hope to write articles that people might actually want to read. Also, we believe our puns will get better with time and practice.



Get in touch! Feedback & questions always welcome. We do actually reply to emails so that’s pretty exciting right?