Well America, you actually fucking did it. You actually, seriously, legitimately elected Donald J Trump to the office of President Of The United States. Fuck. It is safe to say that the majority of traditional pundits never saw this coming, but here at Blue Lake Invest we always entertained the possibility […]

President Trump

You read that correctly folks. While it might seem that Blue Lake Invest has been serving as the definitive benchmark of excellence in financial journalism for decades we’ve only just cracked our first 365 days. So what exactly have we done in that time? Published over 90 top-rate articles and investing guides Provided […]

One Year Of Blue Lake Invest

Howdy friends, how’s it hanging? Brexit has come and gone, Trump is going to take it to Hillary in the November US election and everything seems to have calmed down for the time being. However, the CPI is still tanking, interest rates are likely to drop even further and you […]

A Robot That Lays Bricks