You probably thought that we wouldn’t be giving much airtime to an old Blue Lake Invest favourite First Australian Resources (ASX:FAR) in the near future given the nosediving oil price and mass exodus from energy and commodity stocks. To be fair, we thought the same as well. Despite solid foundations […]

FARst Forward

I type these lines with a deep sense of sadness knowing that this post will not contain any Donald Trump references, jokes, puns or gags. For those that have followed our hugely popular ASX:TRUMP series I recommend you get your fix here. For those of you who remain, let’s talk […]

Check That Spec

With yet another ‘Super Tuesday’ behind us, and the seemingly unstoppable Trump continuing the run for America’s top office it seems timely to continue our ASX:Trump series. We started with NASDAQ:SWHC which has since soared 9% and ASX:BLD, or Boral as the tradies call it closing up 5% since this […]

Surviving a Trump presidency 101

Morning all and welcome to another thrilling week at Blue Lake Invest! We extend our condolences to those of you joining from the Southern-ish states that just celebrated a long weekend, its always hard to face reality again after the three days off. Unfortunately for all of us facing reality […]

Beware the Trump and Dump

Welcome to another week at Blue Lake Invest! Today we’re going to talk about things that are relatively cool, calm, collected and composed. There are two main reasons for this, the first being that if you’re reading this from pretty much anywhere in our fair land of Australia you should […]

ASX:TRUMP & Keeping It Cool

For something that was for so long considered an awkward joke we are fast approaching the frighteningly real possibility of a Trump presidency. While part of me would like to spend the next few paragraphs speculating on who will be the reality TV star and all round racist’s running mate, […]

The Great Wall of Something

That’s right Blue Lake Invest faithful, welcome to the newest, shiniest and most exciting ongoing series to ever hit the website. ASX:TRUMP will be a series of articles that take a light-hearted look at assets that stand to benefit from a Trump presidency. We all know that the US markets […]

Welcome to ASX:TRUMP

In 2007 the world, the economy and the way in which we trust it changed forever. You and I always knew, or at least suspected that the fat cats on Wall Street were up to no good. That the trust we placed in them was naive and dangerous, but the […]

Block Chain and Bitcoin: Your guide to making money in ...

I think it’s fairly safe to assume that most of you reading this are giant fans of pizza. As a takeaway foodstuff pizza has near unsurpassed versatility, and can be had warm, cold and/or three days old. People use pizza to do amazing things such as cure hangovers and feed […]

Domino’s Pizza Party

Hello again and welcome to the final instalment on our gripping (yet terrifying) introduction to the next financial crisis. As we’ve already stated in the thrilling Part I and the emotionally harrowing Part II, we can’t be sure that the crisis will happen as we described or even if it will […]