Hello again valued reader, welcome to the second part of our insight into the next global financial crisis (a.k.a GFC MK II). Those who have any money invested in the ASX could be forgiven for thinking the financial apocalypse has arrived this week, however the kind of losses we’ve seen […]


Today I want to talk about a dairy company. This isn’t the first time we have discussed dairy here, in fact there is a host of information about the sector and key players in the market available on Blue Lake Invest. But today’s company is a little different. While ASX:BAL […]

The market is Moo-ving

Hey Blue Lake Invest party people, welcome to the weekend! I’m just kidding, the weekend doesn’t start til 3pm. You have a few more hours left to stare out windows, ponder your existence and research happy hour specials for tonight. Also, you can read this article and get in the know about […]

Back to The Future: Part I

Last week I wrote about how you can invest in water. After all, water is a limited resource, the supply which will outstripped by demand in the imminent future. This concept of demand and supply is not new, not even to water, but the magnitude for the shortfall in supply […]

Investing in Water: Part 2

Hello Bluelakers, and welcome to the first Money Ball post for the year. I am well aware that it is now the start of February, however Blue Lake Invest enforces a very strict annual leave policy and I have been locked out of HQ for the last 6 weeks. Today’s […]

GFC MKII: Part 1

I recently saw the Hollywood blockbuster, ‘The Big Short’. Interesting movie, but this is not a movie review. I will preface this by highlighting this was based on a true story. Essentially Michael Burry, a hedge fund manager saw the subprime mortgage crisis coming, and decided to bet against the […]

Investing in Water: Part 1

The energy sector is under significant disruption. Investors in Australia are acutely aware of this having seen the demise of energy favourites along with the fuels that have powered the developed world for several decades. The oil index has crashed, and the demand for Australian mined coal has subsided in […]

A New Resource Sector

ASX:FAR represents a sure thing. At least it should. For those new to this stock FAR Ltd is an oil and gas explorer, which has been listed on the ASX for a couple of decades. The primary focus of this exploration is Africa, and the key asset of interest is […]


Readers of Blue Lake Invest will know full well that this stock is a favourite of mine. Not only do they have a solid pipeline of work they continue to achieve postive results from late stage clinical trials. But despite this the market has been hesitent to come to the […]

The NEUrotic stock

Back in September we bought to your attention a little company called Beston Global Food Company (ASX:BFC). You can read what we wrote then here, but in summary this is a company that offers investors access to a broad range of agricultural assets including seafood and dairy. The group is […]

BFC and the ‘White Gold Rush’