Today we got the big announcement, but really it is just the start. We first wrote about NEU back in October off the back of previous good news. Today’s announcement saw the price jump up as high as $0.13 (44%), while the price settled to $0.12 (33%) at the close […]

Don’t Miss Out on This Great Stock

When I started out investing I had no strategy, and limited knowledge of the market. But having grown up during the mining boom two industries naturally stood out. The resource sector had been booming but had hit some slight turbulence, and the financial sector were trading down due to macro-economic […]

Why I Sold 2 Underperforming Stocks

Well good morning once again. Yesterday I bought a new stock, Neuren Pharmaceuticals Limited (). A pharmaceutical speculative which is looking to develop therapies to help patients with brain injury, neurodevelopment and neurodegenerative disorders. They currently have 5 drugs in the pipeline and boast successful clinical trials. Better still this […]

Drugs, and Some Stuff Around Investing.