Back in September we bought to your attention a little company called Beston Global Food Company (ASX:BFC). You can read what we wrote then here, but in summary this is a company that offers investors access to a broad range of agricultural assets including seafood and dairy. The group is […]

BFC and the ‘White Gold Rush’

Blue Lake Invest is passionate about few things. Among them is dragon punch (the arcade game), recycled paper and dairy. But it’s dairy that gets most of the air time here. Part of a broader agricultural boom the industry is enjoying strong growth driven by growing demand both here in […]

The TPP round-up: 5 industries ripe for investment

Well good morning once again. Yesterday I bought a new stock, Neuren Pharmaceuticals Limited (). A pharmaceutical speculative which is looking to develop therapies to help patients with brain injury, neurodevelopment and neurodegenerative disorders. They currently have 5 drugs in the pipeline and boast successful clinical trials. Better still this […]

Drugs, and Some Stuff Around Investing.

The much touted Trans Pacific Partnership (TTP) is apparently closer with agreements around pharmaceuticals seemingly reached. In broad terms this is a multilateral trade agreement featuring 12 countries including USA, Canada, Japan and Blue Lake Invest favourite Australia. These twelve countries seek to grow cross border trade and investment to […]

The TPP: Trans Pacific Partnership and/or Time to Party