For something that was for so long considered an awkward joke we are fast approaching the frighteningly real possibility of a Trump presidency. While part of me would like to spend the next few paragraphs speculating on who will be the reality TV star and all round racist’s running mate, […]

The Great Wall of Something

Hello again valued reader, welcome to the second part of our insight into the next global financial crisis (a.k.a GFC MK II). Those who have any money invested in the ASX could be forgiven for thinking the financial apocalypse has arrived this week, however the kind of losses we’ve seen […]


The much touted Trans Pacific Partnership (TTP) is apparently closer with agreements around pharmaceuticals seemingly reached. In broad terms this is a multilateral trade agreement featuring 12 countries including USA, Canada, Japan and Blue Lake Invest favourite Australia. These twelve countries seek to grow cross border trade and investment to […]

The TPP: Trans Pacific Partnership and/or Time to Party

Flight Centre and Domino’s Pizza. Two very different companies with two key factors in common. Both are Australian success stories, and both models exist to support our inherent laziness. Many people called the death of travel agencies as the internet boomed with online booking sights and customer friendly interfaces. Despite […]

Prepare for Take-off